Core Values:
The success of CNWRC is due to the work of dedicated staff, volunteers, and partners. The CNWRC and their partners work cooperatively, learning from one another, and growing together. The following core values are the foundation for all interactions and the success of the organization:

Trust and Respect
CNWRC honours and values one another’s talents and abilities and finds common ground in dedication to the program and its clients.

CNWRC believes that giving skills, resources, opportunity and motivation to clients so they can take initiative and make decisions to solve their own problems and improve their lives.

CNWRC has adopted the stance of facing and dealing with anything recognized as difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it.

CNWRC values all its clients and aims to ensure they are treated with dignity and a sense of worth.

CNWRC has a strong enthusiasm and desire to see all women and their families become self-sufficient and successful.

CNWRC understands the challenges facing their clients and is committed to treating them with thoughtfulness and consideration as they move towards reaching their full potential.

CNWRC is committed to ensuring all clients are treated fairly and equally and no less favorably, specific to their needs, including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age.

CNWRC’s intention is to work with all who come through the door. This means all people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, due to age, race, color, religion, creed; sex, gender identity; physical or mental disability; ethnic, national or Aboriginal status; family status; marital status; source of income; political belief, affiliation or activity.

About CNWRC Service Standards:

At CNWRC, our commitment to our clients is central to our service. Our organization aims to provide the highest level of assistance and best support possible. We are:

CNWRC provides services in the best interest of clients by communicating, collaborating and consulting with them, other members of the CNWRC community and staff about client care.

CNWRC is committed to working together with other agencies, partners and stakeholders, to pool common interests, assets, and professional skills, in order to achieve common goals and outcomes that benefit our community. We work to ensure we have an equal voice at the table to address the needs of Colchester County.

Responsive to community needs

CNWRC working with its partners, designs new programs as needs are identified and funding obtained.

Team based
CNWRC’s staff takes a team approach meaning everyone on the team is a leader and a manager, each person is equally responsible for the success of the Centre. Members cannot operate in isolation. Each team member must know and appreciate each other’s strengths and skills. Each member is responsible for their part, and the quality of work that is done. Joint ownership for results and the environment is demonstrated. Respect, appreciation and validation are shared by the team.

The CNWRC is a pro-choice organization. We accept the political and ethical view that a woman has total control over her fertility and pregnancy. This includes access to accurate sexual education, access to safe and legal abortion, support and resources for continuing pregnancies, contraceptive and fertility treatments; and legal protection from forced abortion.

Feminist based
We operate from a feminist perspective that is, by definition, rooted in women’s experience. Feminism is a political, social, and cultural movement dedicated to promoting equal rights for women in all aspects of life. We seek to achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women that are equal to those of men. Feminism is not a single ideology, but rather is characterized by a diverse set of perspectives and movements dedicated to promoting women’s rights.





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“When I come, if I am depressed it picks me up.  I leave with good thoughts and feelings” -J